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I predict this opportunity to be a life-changing event. I am looking forward to the experience of everything this program has to offer and the unseen potential of what I will learn and see first hand. I am the first of my family to travel out of the country.

ABOUT Sankofa 360

The word “Sankofa” is Akan term from Ghana that means to “go back and get it.” Sankofa 360 is a ten-day, coed, multi-generational immersion actperience in which I will engage in powerful educational classes and seminars. I will also travel to various historical sites and partner with Ghanaian leaders to engage in a civic service initiative in an effort to go back and reclaim vital pieces of our spiritual, cultural, and ancestral history.




Name Date Amount Comments
Mia Bible 06/15/2021 $20.91 Safe travels! I hope you receive more than what your heart desires.
Tonesha Dobynes 06/15/2021 $36.35 I’m so proud of you Bubbles!! Enjoy love!
Tavia C 06/15/2021 $36.35 Many blessings on your journey!
True Patton 06/15/2021 $12.85 Love & Light
Anonymous Friend 06/15/2021 $20.91  
Phil Jordan 06/14/2021 $41.50 Good luck!
Samantha James 06/14/2021 $520.60 Best wishes! I'm excited for you! Safe travels in advance!
Anonymous Friend 06/14/2021 $103.30  
Anonymous Friend 06/14/2021 $144.49 cashapp donations from Lauren D., Rhonika T., Joshlyn P., Shandreta P., Theordore B. & Jamel J.
Corey Logan 06/12/2021 $25.00 best and thank you for all that you do
Eric Orr 06/11/2021 $26.06  
Dacia Polk 06/11/2021 $463.75  
Leonard Douglas 06/11/2021 $20.91 Safe travels...
Pierre McCleary 06/11/2021 $41.50 To you my sister the world is your adventure. Take it all as it come. Continue to learn so that you can teach. I love you queen
Kemba Brown 06/11/2021 $15.76 I’m proud of you Sis!! You’re gonna have an AWESOME experience!!
Rashid Hughes 06/11/2021 $257.78 Onward & upward
Justin Holmes 06/11/2021 $103.30 Let’s Go Innergy!
Thomas Shannon 06/11/2021 $51.80 Go be great!
Daneisha Young 06/11/2021 $31.20  
Kena Lambert 06/11/2021 $41.41 Safe travels ??
Lorraine Stofft 06/11/2021 $103.30 Been impressed with you and your work since I met you a few years ago at WordUp. Super happy to contribute to your journey!
FoFeet Alkebulan 06/10/2021 $26.06 Pleasant and Safe Traveling to Ghana
Rundell Irvin 06/10/2021 $51.80 Make your mark in this world
Quentin VerCetty 06/05/2021 $309.27 I am very excited for you to experience the motherland and all the new levels that will be unlocked and revealed to you while you are there!
Reynaldo Stephonne Anderson 05/29/2021 $103.30 Good luck
David Gorden 05/19/2021 $51.80 Hope this helps
Darrell Dunn 05/18/2021 $206.28 Congratulations, from BRSoul Session
Dacia Polk 04/19/2021 $129.04  
Alice Williams 02/22/2020 $25.00  
Leonard Douglas 02/15/2020 $50.00  
Lindsey Paulsen 02/15/2020 $30.00  
Dacia Polk 12/06/2019 $500.00 12/6 Deposit
Kalambayi Antenet 10/26/2019 $20.00 Happy birthday
Dacia Polk 10/11/2019 $200.00  
  Total $3,821.58  
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